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Ann Holton


Ann Holton

Music Tells A Story

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Trained in classical voice, Ann Holton loves to harness that power, and release it into other styles, particularly folk and theatre. Ann has captivated audiences of music lovers and passionate musicians alike.
Ever since a young age, Ann has enjoyed performing in a variety of settings, from solo performances to theatrical productions. Growing up with music in her family, Ann has developed a special talent. Her beautiful voice will leave you speechless as you encounter a truly magical performance. Ann's musical performances have been enjoyed throughout the province for years. Thank you for listening.


Full Cd Now Available 

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Digital Version

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Noted Performances

The Girl with the Golden Voice

Christmas at The Decoste

Pictou, Our Town, Our Story

Concert Series- A Keppoch Wedding

A Tribute to our Soliders. Songs of Remembrance

Concert Series- Save Our Keppoch School

Ann Holton and Friends: A Merry Little Christmas Show



Westville, NS B0K, Canada

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